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Construx Career Pathing

Most software professionals want to improve their capabilities, but they don’t know where to start. Most managers want to help their people improve, but they don’t have the resources needed to support their development.

We developed Construx Career Pathing to provide structured career support for software professionals. Our career pathing increases competence and capability based on industry standards and best practices for all common roles–developers, QA, product owners, Agile coaches, managers, and other disciplines. Our career pathing develops technical leaders, accelerates knowledge transfer, and defines structured career progression for software professionals.

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The Professional Development Career Ladder

More Effective Agile Resources

Many Agile implementations are not living up to expectations. My book, More Effective Agile, provides a roadmap for leaders to revive their Agile implementations–or to get started if they haven’t adopted Agile yet. The MEA Website provides supporting resources, including services available from my company and me.

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Steve McConnell Understanding Software Projects USP

Understanding Software Projects – Lecture Series

I thought about presenting the lessons learned the past several years as a new book titled Understanding Software Projects, but ultimately I decided to create a series of chalk talks instead. These are lectures that I develop as I go—to share what I and my company, Construx, have learned working with our clients around the world.

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Steve McConnell Understanding Software Projects USP

Code Complete Essentials – Online Course

Want an intensive course to go along with the book? In my online course for Code Complete I teach dozens of proven tips, techniques, and principles to produce clean, industrial strength code.

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Steve McConnell Code Complete Essentials