Personal Interests

Dogs – My golden retriever, Cooper, is my second golden and the first male dog I’ve had in a very long time. I am still getting used to the puppy energy and the male dog energy. 

Cats I have the world’s coolest cat, Howdy Man, which is actually my daughter’s cat. 

Motorcycling – I enjoy road trips around the Pacific Northwest. These days I mostly ride a Ducati Super Sport and a Gold Wing. I seem to trade motorcycles often. I’ve enjoyed riding Harley’s and have had a V-Rod and a Soft tail.

Home Improvement – I get a lot of satisfaction out of home improvement projects. I built my own home theater room.

Car Wax – I was debating with a friend whether cleaning something could ever be fun, and I realized I actually spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning–but when you do it to your car it’s called detailing! I like all aspects of detailing, and I especially enjoy car wax. At one point I had my car divided in 6 different test panels for different kinds of wax. Does that surprise anyone? Probably not.

Target Shooting I enjoy putting holes in paper the hard way. The picture is from one of my best range days ever. I didn’t have any groups larger than 1″ (5 shots at 100 yards) and many were under 0.5″. I mostly shoot varmint caliber rifles. My favorite cartridge is 221 Fireball. 

Community Service – I’m on the board of my local Rotary club and was president for 2021-22. I also served on my local school board for six years.

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My Ducati in Eastern Washington

Summer trip to eastern Washington

More Summer in eastern Washington

steve on his motorcycle

Me on a Harley I Don’t Own Anymore