Presentations and Workshops


Check out the list of keynote presentations I give at public conferences and private events. Subjects include developing leadership skills, leading Agile initiatives, scaling Agile projects, secrets of world class software organizations, developing engineering judgment, and many other high-leverage topics for software professionals.

Open-Enrollment Leadership Training

Approximately once per quarter I facilitate an online virtual class on Transitioning to Software Leadership. This highly interactive class is conducted over a 6 week period and includes sessions on communication, working with diverse personalities, team dynamics, conflict management, emotional intelligence, presenting to executives, motivation, and taking charge of your own growth as a leader.  I also offer this class privately. If you’d like to discuss how it can be tailored to your needs, contact me!

Leadership Workshops

I facilitate workshops that focus on the thorniest issues faced by software leaders. Topics include leadership soft skills development, Agile transformation planning, Agile boundary analysis, measuring productivity, Agile metrics and other engineering effectiveness metrics, company culture, organizational structures, and other high-leverage leadership topics. Get in touch to discuss a workshop or schedule an engagement here.

Private Classroom Training

I do a small amount of classroom training for select clients. Usually this is virtual, but I do in-person training occasionally. My classes include:

  • Code Complete Essentials – This class hits highlights from my Code Complete book. It focuses on the coding-level principles that lead to higher quality, more efficient software development.
  • Software Estimation in Depth – This is a fun class to teach. It’s eye opening for people who believe that software projects can’t be estimated (or who think they are better estimators than they are!).
  • Individuals and Interactions: Unleashing the Power of 10x Teams – This is a super fun class that strengthens technical staff’s soft skills, including dealing with conflict, working with different personalities, presenting to executives, and other topics that are often challenging for technical people.

Online, OnDemand Courses

If you know you’re interested in online training specifically, here are my online courses that are currently available:

Get in touch to schedule an engagement here.

steve mcconnell teaching class