These graphs show the raw data provided by each state. The data has been retrieved from the Covid Tracking Project.

State data contains numerous irregularities and anomalies. Individual days have spikes in the number of deaths, positive tests, or negative tests reported. Many states do not report all seven days per week, e.g., they do not report on Sundays. Some states do not provide data on seemingly random days, in addition to days that are missed regularly according to a weekly schedule.

Some states have days in which less than zero results are reported (i.e., they correct for earlier over-reporting by reporting negative numbers on a single day). Some states in May and/or June 2020 mingled antibody testing data with virus testing data, and then later corrected the data by making large adjustments on one day, which in some cases resulted in negative total number being reported for the day.

Data for states with low numbers of deaths or relatively small populations will appear more irregular than larger states.

Data irregularities arising from states publishing negative numbers of tests or deaths on individual days are noted on the raw data graphs.