You Have a Right to Spin-Free Data on Covid-19

There is no shortage of data on Covid-19. But what’s presented is often spin first, data second. This is not useful any time, and it’s especially frustrating during a pandemic, when the stakes are so high.

For the data most relevant to you, do you know how well your state is doing in the fight against Covid-19? States vary significantly both in the data they are providing to their residents and in how clearly they are presenting that data.

I believe that you have a right to know — in terms you can understand — how well your state is doing in the fight against Covid-19. You have a right to know how your country is doing, too.

This site provides US national data, state data for every state, state scorecards, forecasts, forecast evaluations, and much more.

State Open-Readiness Assessments related to the Covid-19 pandemic

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Covid-19 US and State Forecasts

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