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Thanks for visiting my website! Here you'll find excerpts from my books and articles, descriptions of my presentations, pointers to my consulting services, and other information.

I've recently been focusing on Software Development eLearning. My company has offered high quality in-person software training for many years.Our eLearning allows anyone to receive self-paced, on-demand training at a price that's extremely cost effective.



Check out my Understanding Software Projects Lecture Series

In this series I describe the way I think about software projects and share the understanding I've gained from decades of research, hands-on practice, and helping companies improve.

The series covers all kinds of projects and makes heavy use of case studies. Each lecture is free if you access it as it comes out.



Code Complete eLearning Class

You can also check out my eLearning class based on Code Complete.



All Access Pass to Construx OnDemand

Our All Access Pass provides the best value in professional software development today. Check out our full catalog of online training offerings.

Facebook. Check my Facebook site for not-very-frequent updates on what I'm doing.  

Blog. My professional blog is called 10x Software Development. I don't update it very frequently, but there's a lot of good archived content there.

Books. Tables of Contents, excerpts, and other details about my books Software Estimation, Code Complete, Rapid Development, Software Project Survival Guide, and Professional Software Development.

Articles. My IEEE Software columns and other magazine articles.

Presentations and Consulting. I give private, onsite presentations at companies and in Construx's public seminar series. I also do keynote presentationsI also do consulting through my company, Construx Software.

Construx Software. More than 20 years ago I started Construx Software to "Advance the art and science of commercial software engineering." We've developed some very cool products and services, and I hope you'll check out our site.

About Me. Here are my professional biography, my current software-related projects, and what I'm into personally.

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