Recent Covid-19 State Testing Trends

These graphs present states’ Covid-19 positive tests for the most recent 7 days to the number of positive tests for the 7 days before that. Red bars means positive tests have increased. Green bars mean they have decreased. The heights of the bars indicates how quickly positive tests have increased or decreased. A low red bar doesn’t necessarily mean a low number of positive tests; it means the number of positive tests is fairly steady, week over week.

Covid-19 test trends are easier to see with this representation than with graphs of daily tests, smoothed daily tests, or (in the least informative depiction) cumulative tests. In most instances, once the red bars start declining, they keep declining until they reach zero. There are hardly any sustained peaks where the red bars go up and stay up. New York’s graph seemed ideal, until the end of September. Kansas (shown at right) is more typical of many states’ struggles to contain the pandemic.

Covid-19 Testing Trends, State by State