You Have a Right to Spin-Free Data on Covid-19

There is no shortage of data on Covid-19. But what’s presented is often spin first, data second. This is not useful any time, and it’s especially frustrating during a pandemic, when the stakes are so high.

For the data most relevant to you, do you know how well your state is doing in the fight against Covid-19? States vary significantly both in the data they are providing to their residents and in how clearly they are presenting that data.

I believe that you have a right to know — in terms you can understand — how well your state is doing in the fight against Covid-19. You have a right to know how your country is doing, too.

This site provides US national data, state data for every state, state scorecards, forecasts, forecast evaluations, and other data on the pandemic.

State Open-Readiness Assessments related to the Covid-19 pandemic

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