Understanding Software Project Size – New Lecture Posted

I’ve uploaded a new lecture in my Understanding Software Projects lecture series. This lecture focuses on the critical topic of Software Size. If you’ve ever wondered why some early projects succeed while later similar projects fail, this lecture explains the basic dynamics that cause that. If you’ve wondered why Scrum projects struggle to scale, I share some insights on that topic.

I believe this is one of my best lectures in the series so far — and it’s a very important topic. It will be free for the next week, so check it out: Construx OnDemand.

Lectures posted so far include:

0.0 Understanding Software Projects – Intro
0.1 Introduction – My Background
0.2 Reading the News
0.3 Definitions and Notations

1.0 The Software Lifecycle Model – Intro
1.1 Variations in Iteration
1.2 Lifecycle Model – Defect Removal
     1.3 Lifecycle Model Applied to Common Methodologies
1.4 Lifecycle Model – Selecting an Iteration Approach

2.0 Software Size – Introduction (New)
     1.01 Size – Examples of Size     
     2.05 Size – Comments on Lines of Code
     2.1 Size – Staff Sizes
     2.2 Size – Schedule Basics
2.3 Size – Debian Size Claims

3.0 Human Variation – Introduction

Check out the lectures at Construx OnDemand!