Human Variation Introduction – New Lecture Posted

In this week’s lecture ( I introduce the topic of human variation. I start by describing the general phenomenon of 10x variation. I briefly overview the research on 10x. I describe the problems that 10x variation presents for research in software engineering. I go into the specific examples of the Chrysler C3 project and the New York Times Chief Programmer Team project. And I summarize a few of the software development issues that are strongly affected by human variation.

Lectures posted so far include:

0.0 Understanding Software Projects – Intro
0.1 Introduction – My Background
0.2 Reading the News
0.3 Definitions and Notations

1.0 The Software Lifecycle Model – Intro
1.1 Variations in Iteration
1.2 Lifecycle Model – Defect Removal
     1.3 Lifecycle Model Applied to Common Methodologies
1.4 Lifecycle Model – Selecting an Iteration Approach

2.0 Software Size
2.05 Size – Comments on Lines of Code
2.1 Size – Staff Sizes
     2.2 Size – Schedule Basics
2.3 Size – Debian Size Claims (New)

3.0 Human Variation – Introduction (New)

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