17 Theses on Software Estimation

17 Theses on Software Estimation (with apologies to Martin Luther for the title) Arriving late to the #NoEstimates discussion, I’m amazed at some of the assumptions that have gone unchallenged, and I’m also amazed at the absence of some fundamental points that no one seems to have made so far. The point of this article [...]

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#NoEstimates – Response to Ron Jeffries

#NoEstimates - Response to Ron Jeffries Ron Jeffries posted a thoughtful response to my #NoEstimates video. While I like some elements of his response, it still ultimately glosses over problems with #NoEstimates. I'll walk through Ron's critique and show where I think it makes good points vs. where it misses the point. Ron's First Remodel of my Kitchen [...]

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Understanding Software Projects Lecture Series

Understanding Software Projects Lecture Series Check out my new lecture series, "Understanding Software Projects." In this lecture series, I explain The Four Factors Lifecycle Model and how understanding that model means understanding virtually every significant aspect of software project dynamics. Current lectures are always free. Check it out at https://cxlearn.com/catalog/22. Here's a longer description from the website: [...]

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Thinking About Software Executives

Thinking About Software Executives It's hard to believe it's time to begin thinking about Construx's Executive Summit already. The Summit isn't until October (October 15-17), but there are a few long-lead-time activities. Right now I'm inviting speakers and rounding up discussion moderators. We're also finalizing hotel arrangements. Next, I'll define discussion topics, and then comes the [...]

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