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Steve McConnell has been a leading expert in software estimation, software measurement, and software engineering practices for more than 20 years. Most recently, he has used his expertise in data analysis, measurement, and forecasting to analyze and forecast Covid-19 data. Steve is the author of Code Complete, which is often cited as the most popular software development book of all time. Readers of Software Development magazine named him one of the three most influential people in the software industry along with Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds. Steve’s most recent book is More Effective Agile: A Roadmap for Software Leaders. At Construx, he acts as CEO, founder, and Chief Software Engineer. Steve has served in numerous software industry roles, including Editor in Chief of IEEE Software magazine, Chair of the IEEE Computer Society’s Professional Activities Board, member of the Panel of Experts of the SWEBOK project, member of the Computer Science Advisory Board of Whitman College, chair of the Computer Science Advisory Board of Seattle University, and host of Construx’s annual Software Leadership Summit.

State Positive Test Percentages (Positivity) 7/2/20

The percentage of virus tests that show positive results ("positivity") is an indicator of the percentage of the total infections that is being identified through testing. The higher the positivity is, the lower the percentage of overall infections being detected is, all other factors being held constant.  Most states started with high positivity (in Read more

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US Data Updates 7/2/20

We have quite a few interesting things going on in recent data.Positive Tests Up More, Deaths Still FlatThe interesting issue continues to be the significant increase in positive tests with deaths being more or less flat the past week. Daily numbers of positive tests hit several new highs this week, far higher than the previous Read more

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Tech Talk: Weekly Update 6/26/20

Tech Talk: Covid-19 Data and Estimates—Week in Review. I give a weekly update on Covid-19 data, trends, and estimates. These are slides from that presentation. The presentations are normally on Friday mornings and are free. You can see the schedule and sign up here. .]

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State Log Graph Updates 6/23/20

These log graphs provide a different perspective on the rate of Covid-19 positive tests and deaths. On most graphs, the x-axis is time. On these graphs, the x-axis is the total number of cases to date, and the y-axis is the number of cases added incrementally each week. As the pandemic winds down, the Read more

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