#NoEstimates – Response to Ron Jeffries

#NoEstimates - Response to Ron Jeffries Ron Jeffries posted a thoughtful response to my #NoEstimates video. While I like some elements of his response, it still ultimately glosses over problems with #NoEstimates. I'll walk through Ron's critique and show where I think it makes good points vs. where it misses the point. Ron's First Remodel of my Kitchen [...]

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#NoEstimates I've posted a YouTube video that gives my perspective on #NoEstimates. This is in the new Construx Brain Casts video series.

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Human Variation Introduction – New Lecture Posted

Human Variation Introduction - New Lecture Posted In this week's lecture (https://cxlearn.com) I introduce the topic of human variation. I start by describing the general phenomenon of 10x variation. I briefly overview the research on 10x. I describe the problems that 10x variation presents for research in software engineering. I go into the specific examples [...]

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